Valley Precision utilizes two Strippit HP1250H Punch Presses, as well as three Wysong Press brakes, a Flow Water-Jet cutting machine, and other sheet metal fabrication equipment to manufacture high-precision sheet metal enclosures and a wide variety of metal products.

Sheet metal processing is a core competency of Valley Precision. Parts are manufactured using customer designs, designs extracted from Pro Engineer or SolidWorks solid models, and other computer aided manufacturing systems. Turret Press programs for any of the high-speed Strippit presses are computer generated and sent to the machine controls. Punched panels and blanks are formed using four hydraulic press brakes equipped with automatic back gages and precision tooling, then sent through various manufacturing processes. Welding, fastener insertion, painting, powder coating, electroplating, screen-printing, and assembly operations are performed on nearly all of Valley Precision’s products.

Valley Precision generally produces quantities of parts between 5 and 5000 pieces. Feel free to contact Valley Precision with any production requirements you may have!